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Gradual Growth
A Nightmare in Daylight (4/21/11, 12:28pm - 2:36pm) 
21st-Apr-2011 02:58 pm
Having a vacation with my family.  It was in a very strange place.  It didn't look like a hotel.  Just a VERY large house.  It had very high walls and it was eerily dim.  Our room was cut off by small pool.  We had to ride a boat to get there.  They had peculiar customs.  We had to step on powder until our feet were white.  Very strange.  They fit a family of maybe fifteen to twenty people in one little room.  It may even be as small as my bedroom back home.  Why push us in there?  The family doesn't seem to care.  They're all watching television.  Something explodes.  I had this incredible urge to call for help, so I did.  I ran quickly out of the mansion and into the woods.  It was afternoon.  The sun set the horizon ablaze.  It was still however, quite bright outside.  I ran ridiculously fast and found some sort of telephone booth beyond the woods.  I tried to dial for Security but for some reason, my eyes were blurry.  I could not see very well.  It seemed pointless.  I ran all the way back.  The place had turned into some sort of learning institution.  Still eerie.  It was a huge white building with a stench of death and decay.  There were people.  Students perhaps, slowly walking around inside the halls.  I go to whichever floor.  I hear someone scream.  "It's the meat wagons."  Then I hear more frantic screaming.  I hear noise.  It sounds like a dozen machines in motion.  I hear bones fracture and skulls crack.  I grab a bunch of kitchen knives and run.  Up the stairwell.  I found one person all bloodied screaming "It's the meat wagons!  They're going to kill us!" I ran into a room and from a distance, saw him kill others in a frenzy and ultimately, he was killed by one other.  Images flashed in my mind of what the meat wagons looked like.  Rusty, heavy, sharp edges, bloodied and fucking BREATHING.  Alive and climbing the walls.  I ran to the windows and climbed the fire escape to the roof.  I saw a bunch of other people hiding up there.  
I woke up to the sound of knocking and the dream ends.   
HH 2
21st-Apr-2011 07:12 am (UTC)
scary shit man ._.
21st-Apr-2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
meat wagons. :/
I believe they're from me playing too much warcraft 2.
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